Line Up

Carl Faure

Exhale Founder, Yoga, movement & beats!

Darren Onyejekwe

Exhale Co-Founder & Calisthenics

Nicola Price

Inspirational Breathing Workshops

Naomi Absalom

Liberate & Elevate Yoga

Justin Wolfer

Movement Mapping Workshop

Tony Riddle

Natural Life-stylist Talk & Movement

Calli Popham

Juicy Flows Yoga

Maisie Hill

Harness Your Hormones Workshop

Pandora Paloma

Connecting to Feminine intuition workshop

Marcus Veda

Rocket Yoga


Live Music

Anna Sugarman

Inspired Yogini Workshop

Richard Husseiny

Husseiny Performance Class

Jacob Smart

Circus Arts for Adults & Children

Eddie Mango

Tantra Yoga

Frankie Holah

Bodyweight Training

Floating Clouds

Children's Yoga & Mindfulness

Jamie Hughes

Qi Gong

Ali Gunning

Yin Yoga & Gong

The Collective Market

A Makers Market

Sam Kiani

Be UNf**kwithable Workshop

Andreas Wichmann

Mr Jiu Jitsu


Movement Workshop

Matt Feczko

Sports Day


Intuitive Dance & Song

Nav Kiani

Beats & Grind Coffee

Chloe Isidora

Sacred Self Care Rituals

DP Organic Strength

Caveman Fitness

N.ICE Collective

N.ICE Collective presents: Wim Hof Method

Marc Acquaviva

Yoga Solutions Workshop


Female Creativity Workshop

Ben Murphy

Tiger Temple

Diesel Massay

Calisthenics Workshops

Wil Brown

The London Movement Group

Claire Eli

Still Movement Dance & Yoga inspired Workshop

Daniel Živatović

Movement Workshop

Roberto Rubalcava

Restorative Yoga

Simon Baker

Live DJ

Flow State Collective

CONNECTION: An introduction to Flowstate


Yoga Crew

Chasing Lights Collective

Running Crew

Jing Massage

Massage & Therapies


Vinyasa Yoga

Lauren Acro Yoga

Acro Yoga

Warrior One

Live DJ


Live DJ


Live DJ

Franck Jeuffroy

Songs & Sounds

Meg Cavanaugh

Acoustic Music


Hula Fit

DJ Nav

Live DJ

Mariana Marquez



Mindfulness & Craft for Kids

The Whole Co

Family Yoga

Deckless and Mr Skins

Live Djs